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Be Well Texas is working to transform how people living with substance use, substance use disorder and/or mental illness throughout Texas are cared for and treated. Virtual visits are available.
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Support for All Addictions and/or  Mental Illness

Be Well Texas is a program for all people in Texas seeking help with substance use and/or mental illness. Our mission is to provide access to high-quality, low-barrier, evidence-based care throughout Texas by leveraging science, innovation and capacity building. We help cover the cost of treatment for those patients without the ability to pay.
At Be Well Texas, we offer comprehensive care for substance use and/or mental illness. Psychiatric evaluation, medication management, counseling, peer recovery support, technology tools and case management are included in our suite of services. All laboratory and medication costs are included and free for those who qualify.
Be Well Texas is an interdisciplinary team of addiction medicine specialists, behavioral experts and people with lived experience in recovery. Through convenient and rapidly accessible telehealth and in-person services, we meet people where they are to achieve recovery and better health outcomes.

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Be Well Texas is open to anyone 18 or older regardless of ability to pay, with no-pay and no-insurance options available.
Expert care is offered through 
on-demand telehealth and in-person services by caring physicians and clinicians.
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As an emergency medicine physician, I encounter patients living with substance use. I find the treatment and resources available at Be Well Texas to be easy to share with patients and families.
Dr. Joseph M. Martin, MD
UT Health San Antonio Department of Emergency Medicine

Peer Recovery

Recovery Texas Logo
Through Recovery Texas, we offer on-demand access to certified peer recovery support specialists with lived experience in recovery from substance use. We provide self-directed, compassionate and person-centered services with guidance and support by the team at
Recovery Texas is a warm line run by peers - those who have been through extreme challenges themselves and are there primarily to listen. This is an alternative to a crisis line.
Recovery Texas offers various pathways to recovery. You can access resources, meetings, yoga, recovery on-demand, or direct access to treatment whenever you need it.
Recovery Texas peers offer a wide range of support that is self-directed, compassionate, and person-centered.
Recovery Texas offers an evidence-based, self-screening tool to give recommendations for next steps.​
Recovery Texas is free.
Recovery Texas is a program offered by Be Well Texas.
Connect with one of our peer specialists. Call (833) 922-2557
Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST
Not sure if you need help?
Take this self-screening to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of substance use or a mental health condition.

Virtual Visit


You don’t have to leave home to receive care. Talk to your provider using a computer or smart phone at a time that works for you.


Whatever you say during treatment is confidential – even if you say it over video. Virtual care is safe and secure thanks to advanced technology.


Substance Use and mental illness can be successfully treated in-person and virtually.
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Frequently Asked

What is substance use treatment telehealth?
Offering treatment via telehealth makes care easy to access anytime, anywhere — you complete virtual visits from home or wherever you feel most comfortable and can have medications mailed to you from our pharmacy partner (Genoa Healthcare) or pick up prescriptions at your local pharmacy.
What is medication assisted treatment (MAT)?
Just as other health conditions are made better with medication, some substance use disorders get better with certain safe, evidence-based medications, known as MAT. This doesn’t mean that the medication cures the condition, but it does improve the lives of people who take it, like medications for thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other issues.
What medications does Be Well Texas prescribe?
At Be Well Texas, we prescribe medications for opioid use disorder because they are safe, proven effective, and helps people to live longer, healthier lives and to meet their recovery goals. Your clinician will cover different medication and treatment options with you during your initial visit, including any medications and treatments that have or have not worked well in the past. Our goal is to help ensure we create the best care plan for your needs. We also combine medication treatment with expert medical care and advice, individualized and family-based therapy, digital health support tools, peer recovery coaching, and care coordination to ensure you have the right medication, resources, and support to work towards your unique recovery goals.
What is a Care Team?
Each Be Well Texas client is matched with an interdisciplinary team of providers who collaborate with them to create a treatment plan that fits their needs.
Clinicians are specially trained in addiction medicine, and can prescribe medication, supervise care, and address related medical issues.
Therapists provide custom treatment plans and provide therapy to individuals and their family to improve metal health and coping skills.
Case managers coordinate with providers, agencies, and community resources to improve quality of life.
Care Advocates guide you through the helping with scheduling, insurance, pharmacy issues, and more.
Peer Coaches accessible through bring understanding from their own lived experience of recovery to support you as you journey through recovery.
Can I enroll if I’m still using opioids, alcohol, methamphetamine, nicotine, or other substances?
Yes. Whether you want to reduce your substance use or stop entirely, we’ll customize your treatment to your unique needs and goals. We monitor substance use, to include medication adherence, utilizing our lab partner (Quest Diagnostics). If you are near a Quest Diagnostic’s lab facility you can complete your screenings in-person. If not, Be Well Texas can have a test kit sent to your home.
What if I miss a visit? Will I have to go without my medication?
We know that medications like buprenorphine are lifesaving, so we work to make sure that you have uninterrupted access to your prescriptions. Unexpectedly losing access to medication puts people at risk, and we never want to add stress or uncertainty to our patients' lives. If you miss a visit, our team is always here to help you reschedule, and you can message with your provider in Be Well Texas’ MyChart application to discuss your needs and make a plan together.
How much do Be Well Texas’ services cost and what payment forms are accepted?
At Be Well Texas, we have many payment options including insurance, grant funding, and private pay based on a sliding fee scale. We have grant funding available for visits, medication and lab services, counseling, case management, and peer support if you are concerned about being able to afford treatment – treatment may be free for those who qualify. Call us to find out more.

Be Well Texas

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Be Well Texas is part of UT Health San Antonio, a premier academic research center, whose mission is to make lives better through excellence in education, research, health care and community engagement. 

Be Well Texas provides access to high-quality, low-barrier, evidence-based care throughout Texas by leveraging science, innovation, and capacity building.
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